Just got this from Newtek :

We are pleased to announce that next week NewTek US will begin shipping the electronic upgrade to our customers who have pre-ordered or are eligible for free upgrade. A few weeks after that we will make the official launch when we have completed the printed documentation and additional packaging options for upgrades and new licenses. That is the point at which LightWave 3D [8] will be officially shipping in the US. We are also working with our international distribution partners to enable them to match our schedule as closely as possible. Customers who are registered with our international distribution partners will be contacted by their regional distributors with information about their upgrade fulfillment and launch plans.

NewTek US will be shipping the upgrades for our US registered customers from a fulfillment house. We will be shipping them out in bulk as fast as we can produce and package them. The packages will be shipped by first class mail. If you have already made a purchase eligible to receive the upgrade when it ships, and you have received your UV Edit Pro bonus or have responded to our address confirmation email, please rest assured that you are already on the list, and can expect to receive your upgrade before the end of the month. Please be aware that production will need to ramp up over several days, and shipments will proceed in daily batches, so please do not be alarmed if you have not yet received yours when you first begin hearing others report receiving their copies - we are doing everything possible to make fulfillment speedy and efficient, and will make sure your update gets to you as quickly as can be managed.