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[公告] LightWave[9.0]Beta預告

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  • 註冊日期:2004年2月13日14時02分
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LightWave v9 Open Beta Details


We're very excited to report that the LightWave v9 Open Beta program will begin on February 14th. This will be your first opportunity to experience all of the power and capabilities that the new development team has introduced into LightWave.

There is an entirely new node-based materials editing system, the amazing new APS system that got rave reviews at SIGGRAPH, powerful new camera tools, and Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces along with edges in Modeler. Long-time users of LightWave will appreciate the significant increase in rendering speed and faster and more robust OpenGL support in Layout, not to mention that the new LightWave team has squashed many long-standing bugs that some thought might never be addressed.

And you'll have a surprise that was not among the preliminary features we mentioned - the new LightWave team has taken LightWave's beautiful photo-real renderer away from its single-shader-model past and on to a whole new level of flexibility and power. Now, as with other top-end renderers, you will be able to apply and even mix different shading models on a per-material basis. Shading models offered in the Node Editor include Blinn-Phong, Lambert, Phong, Cook-Torrance, Oren-Nayar, Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS), and Anisotropic. These new models and functionality bring artists a greatly expanded range of flexibility and control over the render, making it easier than ever for LightWave to provide precisely the look you want at render time for every element of your scene.

You can see that, as promised, LightWave is being rebuilt from the ground up, one well-designed step at a time. LightWave v9 is just the first manifestation of this effort. The new team has listened carefully to the needs of LightWave users and 3D artists with a wide range of expertise.

The Open Beta program will also be the first opportunity for you to review the new LightWave v9 documentation. The LightWave v9 manuals are the most comprehensive in the history of the product. Not only are the new features and capabilities well-documented, the manual has been restructured to address the creative process as opposed to the strictly top-down button-by-button approach of the past. Further, care has been taken to provide expanded explanations of some of the under-documented features that have been in LightWave for some time.

LightWave v9 is just the first in a series of updates to LightWave that will be available throughout the 9 cycle. We recognize that there are additional components of the software that deserve our attention and those changes will be forthcoming quickly. LightWave v9 provides the stable foundation that we need to build a powerful new 3D system.

The process to participate is simple. You will need to visit the NewTek corporate site if your product is registered through NewTek US. For those of you registered through NewTek Europe you will access the download from the NewTek Europe site. Follow the links to the download. You will be asked to confirm your understanding that participation requires acknowledgement of a non-disclosure/license agreement electronically prior to receiving access to the download. With that process complete you will have access to the LightWave v9 Open Beta software and PDF manual downloads.

Throughout the Open Beta period NewTek will provide a discussion forum at the NewTek website for discussions regarding all aspects of Open Beta.You will also have access to additional Open Beta builds as they become available. Notice of availability of these new builds will be posted in the Open Beta forum on the NewTek website. Again, for these updates you will access them from the website location where you received your original download.

We are very excited about the advances we have made in LightWave v9 and are looking forward to your participation in making this upgrade even better!

The LightWave Team
Kurtis Harris - NewTek 3D Marketing


我們非常興奮的向大家宣佈 Lightwave V9即將在2月14日展開測試。這將是你們首次有機會去體驗由我們新開發團隊所賦予LightWave[9]的全部強大能力與全新特性。

全新的節點(Node-Based)材質編輯系統是曾經在SIGGRAPH展示過的,神奇的全新APS系統(Adaptive Pixel Subdivision),威力更強大更快速的攝影機工具,還有建模器中的 Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces (即是N-gon,支援大於4個點的柔體幾何面)長期使用者都了解算圖速度的提升以及layout對OpenGL的充分支持所具有的重要意義,我們的新團隊還除去了大量的舊版本中的蟲子問題(Bugs),這些蟲子中甚至有些從來沒有被提起與修正過。

你可能會感到有些意外,我們以前提及的一些新特性並沒有包含在這次的測試版中。我們的新團隊將以前的獨立著色渲染算圖模組升級為擁有充滿彈性和威力強大的華麗攝影照片等級的渲染算圖引擎。與其他的尖端算圖引擎相比,你能夠應用甚至將不同的著色模組混合應用在一個材質編輯節點上。節點編輯器提供了各種著色模組,包括Blinn-Phong, Lambert, Phong, Cook-Torrance, Oren-Nayar, Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS), Anisotropic。這些新的模組和特性將帶給藝術家們更多且更具彈性的創作空間。讓場景中的預覽與最終渲染算圖結果一致的可能性在lightwave[9]中比以往將更加容易。

你們即將見証這一切改變,就如同我們所承諾的,lightwave 即將徹底的脫胎換骨。lightwave 9就是這些努力的結晶。新團隊聽到了廣大的用戶和3D藝術家們的需求。





我們對於LightWave[9]的新變革與種種的加強感到非常興奮,同時我們也期待透過你們大家的參與測試讓lightwave9 更加完美﹗﹗

LightWave 團隊 敬上
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  • 註冊日期:2004年2月13日14時02分
  • 發表文章數:1145篇
LightWave v9: Open Beta FAQ
Jay Roth

LightWave v9 FAQ | Open Beta FAQ
How do I qualify for the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
You may qualify for the LightWave v9 Open Beta in one of three ways. You may purchase a full commercial version of LightWave [8] v8.5, you may purchase an upgrade to LightWave [8] version 8.5, or you may pre-purchase an upgrade to LightWave v9. Until LightWave 9 begins shipping, all of these options include e-on software’s Vue 5 Infinite and W-Tools’ LWCAD.

You may purchase LightWave directly from NewTek online at http://shop.newtek.com or by phone at 1-800-368-5441. You may also purchase from your local authorized NewTek reseller. To find the Authorized reseller near you, in North America visit http://www.newtek.com/dealers/us.php, or outside North America visit http://www.newtek.com/dealers/international.php.

Will the LightWave v9 Open Beta be available for the Mac?
Yes. The LightWave v9 Open Beta will be available for the 32-bit Mac PowerPC platform. The Open Beta program is not certified for use on the 32-bit Mac Intel platform.

Will the LightWave v9 Open Beta be available for 64-bit?
Yes. The LightWave v9 Open Beta program will be available for the 64-bit PC platform running the Windows XP Pro x64 operating system. The Open Beta program is not certified for other Windows 64-bit operating systems.

How do I get the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
The LightWave v9 Open Beta will be available via download only starting February 14, 2006. To access the download, log-in to your NewTek product registration account at http://register.newtek.com, at the top of the page, you will see a banner for the Open Beta program. Click on this banner to be taken to the information page, which will take you through the steps of participating.

If your NewTek product registration goes through NewTek Europe, you will be able to find direct information on how to register from their site at http://www.newtek-europe.com starting Tuesday, February 14th.

How large of a download will the LightWave v9 Open Beta be?
We are not able to provide an exact file size at this time, but the download will be the program only, no content, and there will be separate downloads for each platform. These steps are being taken to insure that the download will be as small as possible.

Do I have to commit to an NDA to participate in the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Yes. Agreeing to the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is standard in the software industry, even with open beta programs such as this one. In order to see the software in a pre-release state, you are agreeing to limit your communication about the software in its current state to the company that developed it. This allows NewTek to address the issues found without undue speculation about information that will most certainly change before the final version of the product is released.

What will happen to me if I break the LightWave v9 Open Beta NDA?
As with all legal agreements, there are legal consequences to agreeing to the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and then violating them. By downloading the Open Beta program software, you are agreeing to the terms of the NDA. Please read it carefully and be sure you are willing to abide by it before deciding to participate in the program.

Do I have to use my dongle with the LightWave v9 open beta?
Yes. Just as the current release version of LightWave 3D requires the use of the dongle, the Open Beta program requires the use of the dongle as well.

Will the LightWave v9 Open Beta work with the parallel-port dongle?
Yes. The 32-bit PC platform of the Open Beta program will work with the parallel-port dongle. As 64-bit drivers are not currently available for the parallel-port dongle, those wishing to participate in the Open Beta program on the 64-bit platform are encouraged to upgrade to the USB DUO dongle.

Will I get a license key for the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Yes. You will get a time-limited license key that will last for the duration of the Open Beta program. This license key must be entered into LightWave in the same way as a permanent license key.

Can I install the LightWave v9 Open Beta on the same machine as my current LightWave installation?
Yes. The Open Beta will install into its own program folder and will have its own set of uniquely names config files therefore, it should not interfere with your current installation of LightWave 3D.

Can I contact Tech Support if I have problems with the Open Beta?
No. The NewTek Technical Support team is not a part of the Open Beta program. If you encounter any problems with the software, you should report it on the forum provided by NewTek for this program.

How long will the LightWave v9 Open Beta last?
The LightWave v9 Open Beta will begin on February 14, 2006 and will last three to four weeks.

How often will I get updates for the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Updates to the Open Beta program will be released approximately weekly. Announcements of the release of new updates will be posted to the forum provided by NewTek.

How do I ask questions during the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
NewTek will provide a private area of the NewTek Discussion Forums for you to discuss issues found during the course of the Open Beta program. This private forum will be accessible with the same login and password you already use for the NewTek forums once you have been added to the Open Beta program.

How do I report bugs for the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
All bug reports for the Open Beta program should be posted to the private forum area provided by NewTek for this program. Do not send Open Beta program bug reports to Technical Support or lwbugs@newtek.com.

Do you guarantee bugs I report during the LightWave v9 Open Beta will be fixed?
No. Bugs encountered during the Open Beta may or may not be addressed before LightWave v9 begins shipping. There are a number of reasons that this may be the case. It may be determined that the bug is actually a feature request. It may be determined that the bug is not major enough to prevent the product from shipping in a timely manner. It may be determined that other things must be addressed before a particular bug can be addressed. All bug reports will be taken seriously, and every effort will be made to fix every bug that can be fixed.

Can I report bugs I encounter with the LightWave v9 Open Beta and third party plug-ins?
Yes. You are encouraged to report any bugs you encounter while participating in the Open Beta, but we may not be able to address issues that are a result of third party products incompatibility with LightWave v9. Many third party developers are already a part of our beta program, but you are encouraged to inform third party developers of the Open Beta program so they can participate as well.

Can I make feature requests during the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
No. The purpose of the open beta program is to prepare LightWave v9 as it currently exists for release to the public by addressing bugs in the program as it is. No additional new features will be added to LightWave v9 before its release. You are always welcome to make feature requests to lwfeatures@newtek.com.

Am I allowed to talk about the LightWave v9 Open Beta publicly?
No. By the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you are not allowed to talk about the Open Beta program publicly. This includes both the fact that you are a member of the program and any information you learn about the software or the company during the Open Beta program. This is a permanent agreement that extends beyond the end of the Open Beta program itself.

Am I allowed to use the LightWave v9 Open Beta in production?
Yes. You should understand that this software is in a beta, pre-release, state and is therefore its production performance is not assured by NewTek. If you decide to use the Open Beta program software in a production environment, you understand that you do so completely at your own risk. If you do decide to use the Open Beta software in a production environment, it is not to be operated by artists that are not a part of the Open Beta program, and its operational use is not to be discussed with the client.

Am I allowed publicly display work created with and during the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Yes. You are welcome to publicly post imagery created with the use of the LightWave v9 Open Beta software. However, per the terms of the NDA, you are not allowed to discuss the fact that you are a member of the LightWave v9 Open Beta program of how the software was used to create the imagery.

Does participating in the LightWave v9 Open Beta mean I’m a permanent beta tester?
No. This Open Beta program is separate from other existing beta programs NewTek may be operating. This is a one-time program and you will be required to re-apply for future Open Beta programs that NewTek may make available.

Do I get something for testing and reporting bugs during the LightWave v9 Open Beta?
Yes. You get the opportunity to see the program in action before anyone else. You also get the opportunity to directly help with the stability and reliability of LightWave 3D. Even though you will not be able to speak of your participation in this program publicly, you will be the recipient of the thanks of a grateful LightWave community.

When will the final LightWave v9 start shipping?
Announcements about a final shipping date for LightWave v9 will not be made until we have been able to begin the Open Beta and judge the initial feedback we receive.

Will I have to install the LightWave v9 final version when it ships?
Yes. The software provided as a part of the Open Beta will not reflect any final changes made before the program begins shipping to the public. At the conclusion of the Open Beta program, we recommend you uninstall the beta version of the software and then install the final version of the software when you receive it.

* 我如何成為公開測試版的測試者?

有三個方式可以成為公開測試版的成員.第一,您可以購買完整商用版的LightWave [8] v8.5;第二,購買昇級版的LightWave [8] v8.5;第三,預購升級版的LightWave [8] v9…這些選擇都包含E-ON的軟體VUE5 Infinite與X-TOOL的LWCAD.(附贈方案VUE5僅適用於北美地區,台灣地區須另加1000美元的訂購、手續與運費.)

* LightWave v9是否也提供麥金塔的測試?

是的,目前LightWave v9將會提供32位元的PowerPC麥金塔電腦做測試,可是還不確定是否提供給32位元的Intel CPU核心的麥金塔電腦.

* LightWave v9是否提供64位元作業系統的測試?

是的, LightWave v9將提供64位元PC的作業系統測試,其他的64位元系統目前暫時不考慮.

* 我要如何取得LightWave v9的測試版軟體?

LightWave v9的測試版只能在2006年2月14日開始經由網路下載取得.您將需要登入NewTek的註冊網頁(http://register.newtek.com),在網頁的上方您會看見關於LightWave v9的測試訊息廣告橫幅,點按這個恆富建會帶您到下載相關的網頁,您只要跟著指示的步驟就可以了.


* LightWave v9的下載測試版會多大?


* 我需要承諾任何保密合約才能參加LightWave v9的測試活動嗎?


* 如果我違反保密合約將會發生什麼事情?


* LightWave v9測試需要使用硬體鎖嗎?


* LightWave v9測試版是否可以使用平行埠的硬體鎖?

是的,32位元的PC電腦將可以使用平行埠式的硬體鎖,但是64位元的作業系統因為尚未支援平行埠,所以暫時無法支援使用.64位元電腦的測試者我們建議您使用USB DUO的硬體鎖.

* LightWave v9測試版是否需要軟體序號碼?


* 我可以在安裝現有LightWave的電腦上安裝v9測試版嗎?


* 當我測試在測試過程中遇到問題時,我是否可以與技術支援人員聯繫?


* LightWave v9公開測試版會持續多長的時間?


* LightWave v9的測試版升級的頻率是如何呢?


* 在LightWave v9的測試過程中我將如何提問問題?


* 我如何回報LightWave v9測試時的問題?


* 您們能保證我們在測試期間提出的軟體問題都會完成修正嗎?

不,並不是所有的問題都能夠在LightWave v9正式推出時都完成修正,原因有很多,例如這個問題是因為特定的功能要求所產生;或是這些問題的修正會嚴重影響軟體上市的正式時間;或是這個問題並非十分明顯與影響重大,這些情況我們都會先修正最具影響性的問題,當然我們會很顏色的看待所有的問題,並且極盡全力的完成所有問題與瑕疵的修正.

* 如果在LightWave v9測試時使用外掛程式發生問題時,我可以提報嗎?


* 我可以在測試期間提出新功能的要求嗎?


* 我可以公開談論LightWave v9的測試過程嗎?

* 我可以使用LightWave v9測試版在我的工作專案中嗎?


* 我可以公開展示使用LightWave v9測試期間的作品畫面嗎?


* 參與這次的LightWave v9測試是否表示我就可以成為永久的測試者?

不,這次的LightWave v9公開測試只是一次獨立的測試行動,您並不能延用於NewTek其他的測試活動中,將來如果還有類似的活動,您會需要再一次的申請加入成為測試者才行.

* 我可能因為參與測試並提報軟體瑕疵與問題而得到任何獎勵嗎?

是的,您得到的是比其他人更早看到並且使用最新版本的LightWave v9,而且由於您直接的協助將使得LightWave能夠更穩定更有依賴度,雖然您不能公開說您參與這次的活動,但是您將會得到所有LightWave使用者的感激.

* 何時LightWave v9會正式上市?


* 當LightWave v9完整版本正式上市時,我是否需要重新安裝?


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