When will LightWave v9 begin shipping?

We are very close to the ship date for the final version of LightWave v9, however, stability and reliability are our priority. The purpose of offering the Open Beta program is to assist in assuring we effectively meet this requirement therefore, we won’t make promises regarding a ship date before we see the initial results of this process. Once we start collecting data from the Open Beta program, we will be able to accurately predict a final ship date.

何時LightWave v9會正式推出販售?

我們已經非常接近LightWave v9正式上市的日子了,但是穩定與可靠性是我們目前最重要的目標.目前開放測試版的目的就是為了達到這個目標所做的活動,所以我們絕對不會打破這項承諾.當我們收集完成測試用戶的意見之後,我們便會精確的預測正式上市的日子.

Will the LightWave v9 upgrade be available by download?

Yes. We are pleased to announce that LightWave v9 will be the first paid upgrade version of LightWave 3D deliverable by download. As a matter of fact, you will be able to download the LightWave v9 upgrade before you can get it on CD.

LightWave v9是否可以從網路下載?

可以的,我們誠摯的在此發布這項消息…LightWave v9將是第一個可以直接由網路下在的付費版本.所以…您真的可以在收到LightWave v9的升級版光碟之前就直接從網路下載到軟體.

Will LightWave v9 require the dongle?

Yes. LightWave v9 will utilize the hardware lock dongle for software protection. The dongle should remain attached to the artist’s system when LightWave 3D is in use.

LightWave v9還會需要硬體鎖嗎?

是的, LightWave v9將依舊會有硬體鎖來保護軟體.硬體鎖將會需要保持連接在使用者的電腦上才能使用LightWave v9軟體.

Will LightWave v9 be compatible with the parallel-port dongle?

Yes. For artists operating on the 32-bit PC platform, LightWave v9 will work with the parallel-port dongle. We do encourage all users to upgrade to the newer, more flexible technology of the USB DUO dongle, which can be done for free at the time of a LightWave 3D upgrade, but we will continue to support the parallel-port dongle for the foreseeable future.
For artists wishing to utilize the 64-bit PC platform, we are only able to offer support for the USB DUO dongle at this time. We will continue efforts to work with the dongle manufacturer to provide 64-bit drivers for the parallel-port dongle in the future.

LightWave v9還會支援平行埠式的硬體鎖嗎?


Will a software key be made available for LightWave v9?

NewTek is constantly reviewing options for software protection to help you protect your investment, and we are considering the possibility of new methods for the future. At this time, we believe that the hardware lock offers the individual artist the greatest degree of flexibility for using LightWave 3D on the machine, and at the location, of their choice.

LightWave v9是否還需要軟體序號鎖碼?


Will a network dongle be available for LightWave v9?

Yes. We are pleased to announce that, as a part of the LightWave v9 life cycle, we will begin to offer a network dongle for LightWave 3D. This is being done in response to requests from customers making use of large numbers of licenses on a set group of machines, such as schools and large studios. The NewTek Sales department will have more information about this new development as it is made available.

LightWave v9是否會有聯網使用的硬體鎖?

是的,跟隨著LightWave v9的成長,當使用者提出這項要求, 我們將提供聯網使用的硬體鎖,這種硬體鎖是適用於數量較大的電腦使用場所,像是學校與大型工作室.NewTek的銷售部門會在這項新發展完成時有進一步的訊息發布.

Will there be a LightWave v9 demo version available via download?

Yes. Once we have completed the release of LightWave v9, we plan to make a downloadable demo version available. Unlike previous LightWave 3D demos, this version will be time-limited, rather than feature limited, allowing those interested in taking LightWave 3D for a test drive to realize the full potential of the application. More details of this new offering will be posted as they are made available.

LightWave v9是否提供試用版下載?

是的,當LightWave v9正式上市時,將會有試用版可以同時下載,只是不像以前的版本,這個新版本將會是有時間限制而非功能的限制,如此一來有興趣的人便可以試用LightWave v9的所有功能,更詳細的訊息會在稍後發布.


Is there news with regard to the port to XCode and compatibility with Intel Macs?

NewTek is in progress on a port to XCode so that we can provide Universal Binaries to support both PPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers. We will discuss this in more detail as the process unfolds.




Will OpenGL related issues be addressed in v9?

There are performance improvements for OpenGL in Layout in v9, and more improvements are planned throughout the application during the v9 cycle. OpenGL 2 is a requirement to get complete support of the latest OpenGL capabilities in v9, and most of these functions have been made available in Apple’s latest update to their OpenGL implementation.

LightWave v9有任何與OpenGL顯示相關的訊息嗎?

LightWave v9將會有更佳的OpenGL顯示表現能力,而跟著LightWave v9的持續進化,顯示效能也將會更有效率.目前LightWave v9需要有OpenGL 2的支援才會有完整的顯示效能的表現,同時在最新的OpenGL被植入蘋果電腦上之後這也將有相同的表現效能.


In addition to advancements in Character Animation and Layout for LightWave that have been mentioned, what are the plans for improvements to Modeler?

We have made major improvements to Modeler in v9, and as we create additional updates in the v9 series there will be even larger changes, including tool consolidation and workflow improvements, a new state-of-the-art OpenGL engine, and many, many new capabilities.



我們已經在LightWave v9版中進行相當的升級進化,而我們也會持續進行更多的提升,這包括工具的考慮設計與工作流程的效率提升等…當然跟隨著最先進的OpenGL顯示效能的運用,將會有更多更多的建模效能與能力被加入.

Many tools do not yet recognize edges. When will they be fully implemented?

We will complete the core changes and tool revision for full edge support throughout Modeler within the coming updates in the v9 cycle.


跟隨著軟體核心的完全更新,線編輯的能力將會完整的展現,在LightWave v9的持續升級中將會完成這項工作.

Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces seem slower to work with than Subpatch surfaces. Will there be improvements?

Yes, we will be working to optimize performance of Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces with the goal of making it among the very fastest implementations available. It must be noted, however, that the speed is one advantage that LightWave subpatches offer and is among the many reasons we have retained it as a choice for subdivision surface modeling.



Why aren’t there more modeling tools in Layout?

The migration of modeling tools into Layout will be longer and more involved than we first thought, and we are putting a great deal of thought and effort into the design. There are many issues in Layout that need to be addressed in order for us to really open up modeling power in Layout, but we are working on them with dedication.


將建模工具植入場景環境中比我們原先預期的還花時間, 但是我們仍堅持投注大量的人力與想法於這方面的設計中。現在的場景環境仍也許多問題必須解決,才能將所有的建模功能開放給場景環境使用,但是我們正全力以最快的方式在進行。


When will the OpenGL implementation in Layout be completed?

Work will proceed on improvement of OpenGL performance and capabilities with an entirely new pipeline throughout the v9 cycle of updates.


在LightWave v9的持續進化中,OpenGL顯示的各項表現能力也都會跟隨著全新的進化程序一起加強的.

When will we see speed increases with the new OpenGL implementation in Layout?

For version 9 you should see increases with polygonal meshes in the wireframe, shaded solid and textured shaded solid modes. In future updates in the v9 series you will see speedups throughout the rest of the OpenGL pipeline, as optimizations are applied to working with subdivision surface object and meshes undergoing deformations, etc.


在LightWave v9版中您將可以看見幾和面模型在網線顯示與實體幾何面顯示及實體材質顯示上都有明顯的速度提升.而在接下來的升級中您將可以看見整體的OpenGL效能的最佳化提升,這包括柔體曲面與任何有變形應用的模型…等.

When will we see a new OpenGL implementation with faster performance in Modeler?

The Modeler OpenGL pipeline will also be completely redesigned during the v9 series of updates. Modeler's tasks and architecture require more profound changes with very careful design.


建模環境Modeler的OpenGL顯示效能的提升也會跟隨著LightWave v9這一系列的升級進化中跟著完成,在這個提升的過程中,有許多需要非常注意的事項與細節需要在進化升級中多花些心思的.

Character Animation:

What character animation improvements can we expect in v9 and when?

For now, we can't provide specifics beyond that we will improve the workflow of rigging and character animation including making these fast and responsive within the GUI, with input from character animators experienced with many rigging and animation toolsets.


哪些角色動畫的加強是我們可以期望在LightWave v9中看見的?同時大概是哪個時候可以看到?



Is the SSS in v9 an entire shading model or just a surface aspect?

It's an entire shading model, with a variety of choices to let the user determine how to balance the look and the level of effect desired versus render time!


LightWave v9的肌底散射SSS設定是個完整的材質模組還只是材質模組中的一小部份?


Third Party:

Have changes been made to the SDK to enable the use of third party renderers?

LightWave is known for its renderer (indeed, v9 is currently rendering 2-3 times faster than v8.5), and NewTek will not abdicate the task of rendering to outside interests, as almost all of the other 3D applications in our market have done. That makes no sense to us, given our business model. That said we won’t do anything to prevent such access either, as that would be a waste of resources. Put simply, while we are not specifically going to make support of third party renderers a priority, changes to the code and the SDK will make it easier for those developers to implement their products as time goes forward.




Will NewTek provide better documentation for LWCAD?

We have provided W-Tools' LWCAD to our customers as a special free offer based on numerous user requests. This third party product is provided just as the developer provides it to their direct customers. If you have suggestions for how the developer can improve their product, including documentation, we encourage you to provide them your constructive criticism. We have posted a tutorial on using the plug-in to our site, and several members of the LightWave community have begun to compile instructional material of their own and are providing it to other users free of charge.



Will FPrime work with v9?

FPrime works with v9, though some additional development is needed for FPrime to take full advantage of the new features in v9. NewTek and Worley Laboratories are in close communication as developments proceed on both sides. We recommend contacting the developer directly for further information on product compatibility.



What changes have been made to the SDK to benefit Worley specifically?

Our discussions with other developers are confidential in nature so we can't disclose any specifics, but Worley Labs is certainly among the developers who provide us with very useful input on SDK development. As with the implementation of new features, SDK changes are made based on what will have the most benefit to the most users and the ability to integrate them with the ongoing changes to the LightWave 3D code base. A number of third party developers are members of the LightWave beta program and their input is taken into account on a continual basis.


我們和其他研發人員的溝通討論通常都是機密的事情,我們不能講的很明白,但是Worley Labs的確是在所有的研發團隊中提供我們最多支援與很好的SDK研發內容. 所以任何的改變都是為了新功能的提升與加入,而這都是為了使所有使用者為考量的,許多周邊廠商的研發人員都參加了這次測試版活動,因此他們所做的任何改變與意見都將會加入持續進化的考慮.

Is Poetry in Motion a part of LightWave v9 Layout?

Poetry in Motion is a third party product, currently in development by Enki. More information about it can be found on a number of LightWave-focused forums.

Poetry in Motion會是LightWave v9場景環境中的一部分嗎?


Will all my third party plug-ins work in LightWave v9?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to test all third party plug-ins. We recommend that you contact the developer for up-to-date information on LightWave v9 compatibility. And you may always recommend to the developer to contact NewTek for information on maintaining compatibility with LightWave 3D.

所有原來的外掛工具都可以在LightWave v9中使用嗎?

很不幸的,我們沒有機會去測試所有的外掛工具,我們建議您與各個外掛工具的研發公司或是個人聯繫,看看他們是否可以與LightWave v9相容,同時為了持續保持這些外掛工具與LightWave的相容性,您也可以隨時建議這些外掛工具的研發人員與NewTek聯繫.

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